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Sobrii 0-Gin is Canada's first non-alcoholic gin created by Bob Huitema (DistillX Beverages) as he was looking for a way to enjoy great-tasting cocktails without the consequences of alcohol. Not being able to find what he wanted, he decided to make it instead. Growing up on a farm near Stratford, Ontario, and spending many years in Toronto working in the food and beverage industry, Bob drew on his experience and began the journey to create Sobrii 0-Gin at Junction 56 Distillery. It was launched last fall and is distilled in small batches using only quality natural ingredients, including Canadian Ginseng. Sobrii has no artificial flavours, sugars, sweeteners or calories. You can simply use it as a replacement for gin in your cocktails or visit our website for more recipes.


45 Cambria St, Stratford,

Stratford,  ON  N5A 1G8


Bob Huitema



Remote Shopping Instructions

Sobrii 0-Gin can be ordered online from the Sobrii website or in Stratford from Junction 56 distillery or Bradshaw's.

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https://www.junction56.ca or  https://bradshaws.ca