Support Local Small Business

We know you want to support Perth County local small businesses. But big retailers make it so easy to find products and order online.

Because of Covid-19, many businesses in your town have started offering convenient and safe remote shopping and touchless pick-up or delivery options. And because of the high-demand large online and big-box retailers are currently experiencing, their delivery times are significantly slower.

It's very likely what you need is available locally and can be picked up or dropped off—often within one business day or maybe even the same day. It feels so much better to support local businesses than placing an online order to some random unknown vendor, possibly from another country.

However, every company has a unique process that could include an online shopping cart or taking orders via phone, email, or chat. But there's no single list of retailers and other companies in Perth County that are open and can provide contact-less shopping options. That is what this list is trying to fix.

Check out our growing list of local Perth County small businesses. You can filter by city and category to find stores and service providers near you. Now, it's easier to find what you need while supporting locally-owned small businesses.